With creativity and design at its core, FRIDA Knit Studio was born from a passion of mother & daughter /Suzana & Aleksandra, producing unique knitwear, that is made to last for several generations. In an era of mass production, we are committed to preserving an artistic legacy. By revitalizing traditional wool crafts of the Balkans, in FRIDA Knit Studio we are creating contemporary and unique knitwear. 

All FRIDA products are handmade with premium materials and techniques used by female artisans. Our goal is to support local economies, hence we source locally and all our products are locally made. Each FRIDA piece is contemporary, versatile and timeless piece, crucial for making clothing more sustainable. Frida pieces are for those who seek something rare. We advocate for a more conscious consumerism. Our aim is to slow down the fast-paced fashion industry by approaching things with an improvement-oriented mindset. 

Getting dressed is a daily ritual — buying clothes shouldn’t be. 

- founder - 


Handmade in Hungary

Founded in 2021